Casino Games We Love

Casino Games We Love

This page contains a list of the casino games we love playing online or at local casinos! We also go to Las Vegas once a year as a group to have some fun. We never go away without completing the whole package in Vegas – we will let you imagine what the “whole package” includes but to give you a hint it includes a lot of gambling as well.

List of the Casino Games we Love

  • Roulette

This one is our favourite not because its the most classic casino game ever but because of the thrill and excitement that it can offer. There are other games that get you excited but roulette is the top of the list for sure. Usually betting on numbers around zero (0) and doubling our stakes when things dont go well. When things go well we place some extra bets on our lucky numbers which for the writer are 21 and 7 ūüėČ

  • Blackjack

Majority of us ( including myself) have a weak spot for Blackjack. There have been plenty of occasions where I played BJ for hours and hours, having small breaks only for food and toilet. I am that excited about this game that i have a poster in my summer house with the Blackjack Hand! There is no way I go to a casino and not play blackjack. When i play online i usually pick a table that has a spare seat near the end because i am one of those people that believes that position matters – like in poker-

  • Poker

Finally Poker! One of us ( Mike ) has qualified once to the WSOP and we all went with him for the experience. It was a great trip , we had a lot of fun and Mike won….nothing…but it didnt really matter because it was great overall. Poker is probably the most popular card game in the world and while you might find some people that will say that they dont gamble…they will play poker because they dont consider it gambling. Well for some people its actually a profession, just look at Daniel Negreanu and so many other players that made a full career out of that game.

Thats all for now folks, we might update this page at some point with more information about each game and some nice images.